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How many do I need?
Qty Enough Diapers For..
6 to 9 Part time use
12 Approximately 1-2 days between washings
12 to 18 Approximately two days of use between washings
18 to 24 Approximately two to three days of use between washings (2 days for a newborn)
24 and up Enough for siblings to share
Cloth Diaper Information

Using cloth diapers for the first time:
Prior to first use, wash diapers and inserts using the instructions below (start with step 3).
Once clean and dry, place the insert inside the diaper as illustrated. Your diaper is ready to use!

Washing cloth Diapers

  • 1. Do not soak cloth diapers
  • 2. Wash soiled diapers every other day.
  • 3. For best results, remove solids from diapers before storing in pail.
  • 4. Wash/rinse cold to remove waste.
  • 5. Wash hot (120 F/60 C) to clean diapers. complete a second rinse to remove detergent residue.
  • 6. Hang dry or tumble dry warm/medemium.
  • 7. Once per month, optionally use up to 1/4 cup bleach in the hot wash (step 5) to sanitize diapers and fight odors.
  • 8. Use additive-free detergent. No perfumes, dyes, whiteners, brighteners, softeners, enzymes or other fabric enhancers.
    * top loaders - use 1/2 manufacturer's recommended amount of detergent.
    * Front loaders, use 1/4 manufacturer's recommended amount of detergent. Read the detergent label and measure!
  • 9. Use only detergent and water. Do not use laundry additives (including vinegar, baking soda and fabric softeners).
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